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Mariam Bagdady

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From its handcrafted bands to the new array of signature styles bound to its Western heritage, Stetson has announced the September 21st launch of their upcoming collection: The Upcycle. Partnering with the owner and creator of Westward Leather Company, Ben Fife, Stetson is harboring a new look for their hallmark hats – blending the company’s vintage spirit in new, sleek designs delved with an elevated approach of craftsmanship. For nearly 150 years, Stetson’s products have garnered an assortment of well-made, quality products that have paid homage to the Western foundations of wearable art. For the company, the hats are a testament to their pursuit of products created within tradition and imbued with passion.

The Upcycle Collection carries that same spirit and technique that its foundation was first built from in 1865, embedding its headwear in relined and upcycled material while also featuring a one-of-a-kind hat band handcrafted by leather connoisseur Ben Fife. The new series of hats also incorporates an array of bronzed colors, with a notable hand-pressed cattleman crease exclusively available on the Stetson website. The creative collaboration behind the collection upholds sustainability but also highlights one thing for sure: Stetson’s newest hats are pioneering a new road for headwear meant for the trailblazers, creatives, and spearheads of today.

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