SOHMI & XIE | Celebrating AAPI Month With The Artists' Favorite Asian-Owned Clothing Brands

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To celebrate AAPI Heritage Month, we asked electronic music makers SOHMI and XIE to share their favorite Asian-owned clothing brands. The pair of female DJs each flaunt their own unique take on streetwear style, often drawing inspiration from the wondrous fashion ecosystems that exist in cities like Tokyo, Seoul, and Shanghai.

SOHMI, a Korean-American minimal tech-pop producer and vocalist with a whimsical streetwear aesthetic, has highlighted fellow Korean designers Juun.J and Jinjoo. 

Check out SOHMI’s latest release, her Recital EP, at the link here.

Chinese American tech-house singer-songwriter and producer XIE, who’s style plays with graphic patterns and artsy prints, has selected designer Bobby Hundreds.

Take a listen to XIE’s latest release, ‘C’est La Vie’.



SOHMI shares: I was actually first introduced to Korean designer Juun.J by my friend and mentor, Hot Since 82. He’s got great taste in fashion and we had a day last November to catch up in Seoul, Korea during which I played tour guide through some of the fun and trendy areas like Dosan Park and Apgujeong. One of the stores that he told me was a must-visit on his list was the Juun.J flagship store, so we paid it a visit – and it did not disappoint. The store itself was a thing of architectural beauty, and the clothing instantly resonated with me as well. With high quality oversized tees for men and minimalist yet structural silhouettes for women, Juun.J’s clothes feature many of favorite “elevated streetwear” style and design elements.


SOHM shares: One of my best kept secrets, until recently, was South Korean guitarist Jinjoo Lee of dance/pop group D.N.C.E’s fashion line – CodeRAD. Her designs feature affordable and fashionable techwear-inspired pieces, and in particular the black techwear pants from her line are one of my most asked-about items of clothing whenever I wear them to perform. There’s something about the aesthetic of techwear that’s very appealing to me, and also feels very ‘techno’ - perhaps in their shared ethos of futurism. I like to style my pants in different ways, often with an extra-oversized tee but sometimes I switch it up!

The Hundreds

XIE shares: As a former athlete and forever tomboy I’ve always been obsessed with streetwear. Fashion doesn’t have to be over the top or gaudy, to me comfort is everything and being able to achieve dope looks that don’t feel try-hard is my M.O. There’s so much I love and respect about the brand The Hundreds. From its Asian founded multi-talented owner Bobby Hundreds to its grassroots in LA, the “community based” Cali inspired streetwear company always delivers. I really relate to the hands-on approach from illustrator, writer, photographer, and designer Bobby as I’m also a DIY creative myself. It’s amazing and rare to be able to identify with more than just the clothing you’re wearing and as a child of an immigrant like Bobby, I love the deeper story. 

“It’s really important for people of color to see that there’s someone like them who’s out there building a brand within a space that has traditionally been run by people who didn’t necessarily look like me and us,” says Bobby Hundreds.

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