Scarosso X Warren Alfie Baker | Celebrating The Capsule Collection

The making of a timeless boot

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Cerys Davies

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Italian accessory brand Scarosso brings a modern day sense of rock and roll to life with the help of Warren Alfie Baker. The celebrity stylist helped design a line of versatile boots, called the capsule collection, that can be worn either on an everyday basis or for special occasions. With a zipper and slight heel, the silhouette of the shoe is ideal for a pair of bootcut pants. The style helps bring together a touch of the past with an emphasis on contemporary styles. It provides a vintage feel that can truly complete a look.

"The connection with Scarosso was instant. Within minutes, we had sketches and a shared vision for the perfect shoe. We aligned on the style, the essence, and the innovative approach for its launch," said Warren Baker about the making of the boot. 

In celebration of the launch, friends of Scarosso and Baker came together on November 30th at the Kimpton La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. They enjoyed drinks and gelato while admiring the timeless collaboration. In the perfect meeting point between class and modernism, Scarosso and Baker have crafted a shoe that ties both their unique styles together seamlessly.

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Scarosso, Warren Alfie Baker