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The latest in personable smart machinery: Oura Ring

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Aitor Saumell

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Photographed by Aitor Saumell.

OURA, the latest in cutting-edge wearable technology, delivers Oura Ring, a smart ring that delivers personalized health data, insights, and daily guidance in the form of a small titanium ring. The state-of-the-art product is packed with advanced, research-grade sensors that go beyond what many of today’s wearable monitors feature.

The device has all the means of understanding what your body needs most. With temperature, activity, and sleep monitoring technology imbued within the device, consumers are well-equipped with over 43 unique health-enhancing features that are meant to make life more prepared, balanced, and innovative.

Photo courtesy of OURA.

In regards to the company’s success, this wouldn’t be the first time OURA has found itself affiliated in the field of health and fitness – its most well-known product being the Equinox Rest and Recovery kit and it's partnerships with Strava, Natural Cycles, and Headspace. Nonetheless, their latest product stands to shine alongside its predecessor. This technological novelty measures resting heart rate at 99.9% reliability, carries infrared PPG sensors that match performance with clinical-grade ECG, and its newest sleep staging algorithm achieved 79% agreement. Oura Ring’s capabilities thoroughly adjust to the user at hand, prioritizing both accuracy and comfort without compromise.

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Beyond the intricacies of what lies within Oura Ring, the outer design is sleek, water-resistant, and fashionable in its own sense. Coming in silver, black, matte black, titanium, rose gold, and gold finishes, as well as two designs, Heritage and Horizon, Oura Ring doesn’t compromise durability and wearability. Many notable names have adorned Oura Ring, including Kim Kardashian, Prince Harry, Jennifer Anniston, and Joe Jonas.  Fashioned in a small ring, the device is convenient, light, and readily personable. With pricing varying between $299-$549, its technology is quick to work.

Ring by OURA.

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