Moncler | Fall-Winter 2024 Collection

Charming and Confident, Ageless and Elegant

Written by

Emma Raff

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Italian luxury brand, Moncler, launches its Fall/Winter 2024 Collection today as the month of June comes to a close. Against the Parisian skyline in shades of gray and beige, French actor Arnaud Binard poses in the newest collection's campaign alongside his daughter, an up-and-coming actress herself, Maya Rose

Binard has appeared in many films including À L'aventure and Le Ciel Sur la Tête as well as the popular American television series Emily in Paris, in which he plays Saint Tropez nightclub owner, Laurent. 

The surfer-turned-actor’s charismatic charm and easygoing confidence suit Moncler’s refined style— garments woven in solid shades of beige and charcoal with hints of navy paired with the timeless winter textures of corduroy and cable knit. Meanwhile, Maya Rose gives the campaign an air of ageless sophistication and effortless elegance, wearing mini knit shorts and thigh-high socks under layers of cashmere and wool. 

Moncler’s outerwear merges the functional demands of nature with those of life in the bustling city, and the Fall/Winter collection stays true to the brand’s signature nylon, combined with chic accents of leather, shearling, and suede. This upcoming season, Moncler also introduces velvet and tinted yarn, discrete patterns, and minimalist graphics into their designs. 

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