Louis Vuitton | An Inexhaustible Celestial Waltz

Pharrell Williams draws lunar inspiration for Men’s Pre-Fall 2024 debut in Hong Kong

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Annie Bush

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The moon and sun, locked in that perpetual, inexhaustible celestial waltz, have catalyzed most if not all of human artistic production. Yet, despite their eternal residence within the human creative psyche, bodies of work inspired by the sun and the moon remain ceaselessly interesting: Pharrell Williams, newly appointed creative director of Louis Vuitton, seems to be exploring this limitless resource in his first year at the Maison. Following the men’s Spring-Summer 2024 collection inspired by the kinesthetic reliability of the sun, the Maison’s first Men’s Pre-Fall show taps into the lunar cycle: last Friday, on the Avenue of the Stars at Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor, brushing gently against the water, simmering below a velvety dark sky, Louis Vuitton debuted the Men’s Pre-Fall 2024 collection accompanied by new composition by Pharrell Williams, Swae Lee, and Rauw Alejandro, entitled “Airplane Tickets”, performed live by fifty ukulele players.

The collection draws from the moon and its vast jurisdiction: melding the silhouette of the sailor with the playful jocularity of the surfer, the collection flaunts double-breasted naval coats and stripe motifs while flirting with marine life– sweaters embroidered with shells are accompanied by bomber jackets embellished with crystals and pearls. The collection also offers a new 3D-printed slip-on shoe, The LV COBRA, a zero-waste design underscoring the Maision’s ongoing commitment to environmental ethics.

As a companion to the naval motifs, the Pre-Fall 2024 celebrates international travel from Hong Kong to Hawaii, particularly highlighting Hawaiian cultural production and its powerful international impact as a result of aquatic travel. The cast, many of whom are members of the Hawaiian surfer community, wears ten patterns created in the Louis Vuitton studio which pay homage to the Hawaiian shirt, originally crafted using Japanese Cloth. Ten patterns created in the Louis Vuitton studio pay homage to the tropical flower shirt, typical of Hawaii. Woven raffia shirts and hats, paired with beaded beach bracelets and charm jewelry crafted from wooden beads and enamel flowers embody the Maison’s celebration of culture and appreciation of travel– by sea, by moonlight. In Pharrell William’s universe, the sun and the moon aren’t creative opposites– they’re lovers, engaged in gentle, endless conversation.

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