Louis Vuitton | What Will You Do When The Sun Shines On You?

See looks from the Spring-Summer 2024 Men's show by Pharrell Williams as new Creative Director of Menswear

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Annie Bush

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Sprawled across the oldest standing bridge in Paris on an early summer evening, Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection enjoyed a scintillating, star-studded debut. As the first collection by newly appointed creative director of menswear, Pharrell Williams, the show drew inspiration from the radiant reliability of the sun. Pieces from collections served as orbitals to the intangible mood of improvement; the warmth of opportunity, the kinesthetic energy of growth. 

The collection, an engaging homage to both the domestic and intercontinental influences from which Pharrell draws inspiration, gave its flowers to a manifold collection of places and people. Gestures to the slogan of Williams’ home state, Virginia (Virginia is for lovers!) were witnessed in graphics “LVRS,” and the entire collection’s painstaking attention to macro and micro details. Adaptations of the iconic Speedy bag recalled the teeming Canal Street in Lower Manhattan. Evocative of the increasingly popular digital surrealist trend, pixel art motifs designed by American artist ET Artist insisted upon modernity.

In tandem with the invigorative collection, Williams debuted multiple original compositions specifically designed for the show– notably, Chains & Whips by Clipse; and JOY (Unspeakable) by Voices of Fire feat. Pharrell Williams.

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