Libertine | Fall Winter 2024

A history of creative essence dealt to this season's menswear and womenswear collections

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Nick Hsu

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Showcased at New York Fashion Week in the Starrett-Lehigh building on February 9th, Libertine's Fall-Winter 2024 collection by creative director Johnson Hartig is a vibrant tribute to icons of change and creativity. Hartig draws inspiration from Jean Cocteau, Mary Quant, the designer who popularized the miniskirt in the 60s, Lord Byron's poetic contributions and his enigmatic personal life, and Peggy Guggenheim, an art collector known for her bohemian lifestyle and significant influence in the art world.

Libertine FW24 features emblems of eyes, ears, lips and disorganized letters symbolizing the chaos of human existence. The collection showcases eyewear, jackets, and bottoms adorned with bold graphics of organs representing the five senses, designed to stir emotion. The use of screen printing and crystal embroidery highlights wide-leg suits and embellished blazers that embody the spirit of liberation and intellectual curiosity. Through this collection, Hartig connects the dots between past and present, offering a playful yet profound commentary on human emotion and knowledge, while paying homage to figures who have transcended conventional boundaries of fashion, art, and society.

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