Jaeger-LeCoultre | Time Is Defined by Its Keeper

The Swiss maison presents the new Polaris Chronograph with Two Dial Variations

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Annie Bush

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From an impossibly long history of solar timekeeping, clocks emerged. From the clock came the wearable watch. From the analog watch came the digital interface, of which timekeeping became a small, almost irrelevant facet of the vast electronic faculties available on a handheld device. How important could the passage of time be, nowadays, when one can so easily digest it by means of a stolen glance at a phone screen? Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new Polaris Chronograph answers: the passage of time, measured with luxury, is still a practice of utmost importance. Time is defined by its keeper, and time is only as valuable as the care imposed upon it by its translator. In an era where digital alternatives to analogue timepieces are ubiquitous, what could be a better way to process time than to measure it beautifully, with care?

Jaeger-LeCoultre has dedicated years to the pursuit of deliberate timekeeping. Since the late 19th century, the Swiss maison has committed itself to horological superiority. Its new watch, the Polaris Chronograph, continues to uphold the superlative legacy of the brand and its Polaris line, which pays homage to the Jaeger-Lecoultre diving watches of the 1960s. Melding the dynamism of sporting watches with the trademark elegance of the brand, the Polaris Chronograph is both versatile and robustly sophisticated.

Anchored by the sleekness of its case, the model’s deep blue and warm grey lacquered dials are visually striking. The complex central disk, hour-marked middle ring, and outer ring marked with the tachymeter scale enable intuitive reading. Both remarkably precise and delightfully intricate, the Polaris Chronograph treats time the way it should be treated-- with elegance, with understanding.

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