Howlin' x Harvey General Store | The Seamless Blend of Fashion & Music

Introducing Their Latest Collab, "Punx Not Dad"

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Mariam Bagdady

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Serving as a mixture of Scottish knitwear and garage house music, fashion label Howlin’ announced their recent collaboration with Harvey General Store– a special capsule collection inspired by music icon DJ Harvey’s punk roots and eccentric style. The collection, namely called “Punx Not Dad,” was inspired by a “no quality compromise” attitude between the two creative minds, one that blended music and fashion to craft unique pieces each with their own flair. It as though each ensemble has a voice of its own, one that attests to their dedication to design and individuality.

Featuring pieces hand sprayed, hand knit, and delved with the highest quality material, “Punx Not Dad” stays current in style but respects the blurred intersections of the fashion, music, and film world. They are tenderly handled, its beauty in the details crafted together with both new and old techniques. Whether it be the sweaters’ seamless fusion of greens, blues, oranges, and purple, the delicately knit mohair and alpaca textures, or the fine prints that compliment their tees, the Howlin’ x HSG collection is timeless, playful, and a beautiful curation of art.

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