Givenchy | Fall/Winter 2023 Men’s Collection

Re-evaluating the norm.

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Tamara Jiji

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For their Fall/Winter 2023 menswear collection, Givenchy took on the task of re-evaluating tradition, and in doing so, embraced the many ways in which contemporary masculinity can be portrayed. Utilizing plaid, snakeskin and cheetah prints, in tandem with sleek all-black suits, this collection was a display of the spectrum of menswear. Presented against an all-white backdrop, the show allowed for the clothes to speak for themselves, highlighting and magnifying the intricacies of each piece.

When stepping into the design process of this collection, Artistic Director Matthew M. Williams tapped into his own relationship with clothing, and his respective values associated with it. Williams, by nature, possesses an appreciation for the traditional values of menswear, and wishes only to expand upon it, and mold it to suit today’s culture — that of comfort, formality, and individuality. 

Workwear, Americana, deconstruction, and self-expression lay at the top of Williams’ list of inspirations behind the collection. Channeling the concept of being a fly-on-the-wall, Williams pairs tartan kilts and boiler suits, skirts worn over sweatpants—silhouettes that otherwise would be considered faux pas. 

The collection also featured a coming-together of fabrics and textiles—Japanese Boro stitching on reconstructed denim, hoodies hand-plumed on a 4D grid structure, metallic flight suits made by dyed polyurethane-coated nylon. This show as a whole was testament to the idea that fashion knows no bounds, a sentiment Williams continues to prove with each collection. 

See the key looks from the show here.

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