CDLP x JWAN YOSEF | Painter’s Essentials

The Swedish Luxury Brand and Artist Jwan Yosef Present Elevated Painter's Essentials in a Capsule Collection

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Isaac Dektor

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CDLP has partnered with conceptual artist Jwan Yosef to introduce a limited-edition line of elevated painter’s essentials. The line features effortlessly stylish Coveralls and Heavy-Weight Tee-Shirts — dropping April 19th.

Syrian-born, Swedish-patriated conceptual artist Jwan Yosef lives and works in Los Angeles, California. His artwork uses a variety of personal and public images, from family photos to portraits of Rock Hudson, and brings abstractions that disrupt the viewer’s passive gaze. 

CDLP artistic director and co-founder Christian Larson, who spearheaded the campaign, asked Yosef, “What is your essential?” The artist replied, “My uniform when I work — I wear it daily.”

Constructed in a woven twill fabric blend of TENCEL™ Lyocell and linen, the Coverall not only reimagines Yosef’s painting uniform but also pushes fiber development and production. The Coveralls are made at Malmö Industries, making them the first CDLP product to be manufactured locally in Sweden. Heavyweight Tee-Shirts made with a 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled cotton jersey blend are inspired by the artist’s chroma. 

After revolutionizing men’s underwear in 2016, Swedish luxury design house CDLP threw its weight into a wider array of clothing products, from t-shirts and socks to swim, pool, and swimwear. With these limited-edition offerings of elevated painter’s essentials, CDLP stays true to its design philosophy – effortless style consciously constructed from sustainable materials.

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