Bottega Veneta | Craft in Motion

Step inside Bottega Veneta’s iconic artisanal workshop in Northern Italy.

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Isaac Dektor

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Bottega Veneta releases their new short film Craft in Motion by Massimiliano Bomba, showcasing the luxury brand’s tradition, ingenuity, and refined mastery of craft. 

Shot at its workshop in Montebello Vicentino in Northern Italy, the film brings viewers inside the atelier for an unprecedented glimpse at some of the brand’s works in progress, including a look at the iconic intrecciato woven leather structure. The restored 19th-century villa serves as a perfect backdrop to enhance the meticulous handmade processes behind each design. 

The film accentuates a sense of time, with artisanal workers counting the days, not hours, it takes to craft one bag. “Real luxury requires time,” says narrator Ruggero Negretto, one of the brand’s senior artisans.

Known for timeless style and elegance in its products, Bottega Veneta presents the production process for its bags in a reflexive style — the film grade and bold compositions are a welcomed companion to the product being made. Not just made — handmade. “Craft is not a ‘trend’,” shares creative director Matthieu Blazy. “Neither is it something that has to be improved. It is a timeless technology. The irregularities of handwork make each Bottega Veneta design unique. This for me is true luxury.”

Leather cutting and burnishing tools are featured alongside the hands responsible for the savoir-faire — and the faces too. The dark-eyed artisan with weathered countenance seem to embody Bottega’s timeless style. The film is a tribute to decades of tradition, prestige, and dedication to creating products that invoke luxury.

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