Anti Social Social Club x UFC | Streetwear Meets The Fighting Cage

A hot new collaboration combines the worlds of fashion and mixed martial arts.

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Sofia Ziman

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MMA fighters aren’t the only pairs being thrown into the ring together for UFC International Fight Week. July 12th, 2023 marks the announcement of a new apparel and accessories collaboration between Anti Social Social Club (ASSC) and UFC. The dynamic capsule collection brings fresh and buoyant energy to the effortlessly cool essence of ASSC. The collection offers wearable street inspired clothing and novelty accessories alike. The clothing garments are designed to be worn and loved by all, encouraging versatility and movement. From practical items like Nalgene water bottles and octagon towels, to movable quality clothing; this line is catered to a clientele of no specific age or gender.

ASSC has vocalized their excitement for this collaboration, designed for fans of UFC, by fans of UFC, sharing, "As UFC fans, we’re excited to be launching our collaborative capsule in celebration of 2023 International Fight Week. Modeled by reigning UFC Welterweight Champion, Leon “Rocky” Edwards, we wanted to ensure the collection covered everything from classic fight pieces in collaboration with Venum and Dyaco, to everyday hoodies and tees.”

Tracey Bleczinski, Senior Vice President, UFC Global Consumer Products, notes his inspiration for this project, agreeing that their biggest motivation is their supporters. “UFC fans are some of the most engaged and passionate sports fans in the world. With all our collaborations, UFC wants to give fans the most creative and authentic apparel to express themselves and their love for UFC. We are delighted to partner with Anti Social Social Club for this exciting new collection that truly captures the unique style and spirit of the sport.”

On Saturday, July 15th, the highly anticipated collection will go live exclusively on the Antisocial Social Club website. Featured clothing includes both solid-colored and tie-dyed tees, hoodies, shorts and hats featuring iconic graphic lockups of the two brands. Other notable collaborative pieces are ASSC x UFC custom Venum capsule, a co-branded mini fridge, and the showstopper– official Dyaco premium leather boxing gloves, complete with custom labels and pop color stitching.

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