by Chris Maghsodi

Drop 1 launching today, October 8th, Zara aims to release their variations on the here to stay khaki and uniform stylized core pieces. For decades in DIY culture, core basics have been used as representation and a source of visual language to identify rebellion and counterculture. These two characteristics are still used as the main sources of inspiration to highlight individual style and remain part of being unbranded in a capitalistic society. As well as being inspired by figures involved in the arts, musicians, actors, artists, and so forth.

Zara is taking classic clothing archetypes with this new SRPLS CHPTR 03 line, consisting of outerwear, shirts, pants, and accessories, remixing them with new proportions, cuts, and sews every release to give a new meaning. This will be the 3rd instalment of Zara’s bi-annual SRPLS collection, showcasing men and women collections as in the past, but for the first time a kid’s line will be available. The collection speaks on the military influenced clothes that have become part of the world’s wardrobe vernacular for the past 60 years in popular culture. Made from premium materials, in limited edition with three releases each season.

The collection will be available online and in select stores across the US, Spain, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Poland, Japan and China.

Photos courtesy of ZARA