Craig Roberts

by flaunt

“He has a wonderfully natural sense of timing. It’s a unique inner rhythm that makes him so very interesting to watch. He’s immediately sympathetic but inherently mischievous.” – Director Owen Harris, Kill Your Friends

Those limp for dry humor can shut the CALIFUK up when Welsh actor Craig Roberts[29] approaches. Working professionally since 2000, he’s doled out deadpan retorts with sinister results—“A beard? I’m only ten!” he said, as Rio, in The Story of Tracy Beaker (2005-2006). Genius notices genius, though, so of course Richard Ayoade (IT Crowd, The Mighty Boosh) would tap the quiet, even-keeled Roberts for the starring role of Oliver in Submarine (2010). In Ayoade’s directing debut, the Welsh teen pursues natural course, towards the loss of his virginity. Roger Ebert recognized the humorously existential performance as heroic, comparing his look to that of a young John Lennon. As if the gods of casting had a one-track mind, Roberts also starred in Premature (2014), as a repetitious bully, haranguing the poor protagonist, a virgin who must restart the day every time he ejaculates in the presence of an attractive classmate. And American audiences met the unassuming entertainer in equally ribald circumstance. In Neighbors (2014), his character, named “Ass Juice” (for real), agrees to become a mole for a middle-aged couple (Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne) plotting the eviction of the bacchanal frat house next door. In the Fall he will feature alongside former Flaunt coverboy Nicholas Hoult in Owen Harris’ adaptation of Kill Your Friends, about the ebb and flow of A&R work and fantastical extremes of the job, think: American Psycho + Empire. CALIFUK-tuck and roll.

29 Born 21 January, 1991[a]

29.a “I was sick as a dog.”[i]

29.i From “Short Takes: Cybill Shepherd Remains Bitter”  [ *]

Los Angeles Times | 21 January 1991

 * Actress Cybill Shepherd carried more than just her twins to term during production on Moonlighting (1985-1989). After the American comedy series was cancelled, she dropped harsh words, saying she’ll never forget about accusations that she used her pregnancy to miss work.

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