The Great Aural Interplay 18

by Connie Shen


Knit Suit Jacket and Shorts by St John, Top by Donna Karan, Tights by American Apparel.

The Great Aural Interplay 18

A grip of blind dates betwixt a grip of musicians

[it seemed like a good idea at the time]

Phlo Finister interviewed 


 Last Night In Paris

There are a few things that remain constant in Phlo Finister: Her eyes are always lined thick with black, her style is Edie to a T, and her principle is strictly Youthquaker. She’s a slow-burning mash-up of sounds and visions from future-past, vintage, and super-vintage worked and reworked for a new generation. Her music is much the same: Aaliyah-brand R&B made new with heavy-handed production beats and Phlo’s own signature sound (like so many things and nothing you’ve heard before). In a single song, she can pay homage to Tupac, Garbage, Nancy Sinatra, and Phlo Finister, too.

Last Night In Paris: What are your greatest strengths?Phlo Finister: Remaining real in an industry that is so made-up and being mod, of course.

What are your greatest weaknesses?Boys in rock bands and mod dresses.

What is success in your eyes?Success for me will be one day opening my eyes and witnessing the rebirth of The Youthquaker Movement which I am working to modernize for the generation today.

Who inspires you?The lovely Edie Sedgwick.

How do you cope with the stress of being a musician?I cope with the stress of being an artist by remaining true to myself along with my art and thinking about my fans. The people who support my movement, they make it all worth it.

If you could collaborate with anyone dead or alive who would it be?I’d love to work with Drake.

Photographer: Quinn Ashly Stylist: Jessica Ozette Makeup: Anthony Arreola