Drop, Cover, and Hold On: Halston Sage

by Chelsey Sanchez

Halston Sage | Photographed by Carlos Serrao | Credits: PRADA coat

Light that enters a prism refracts to become a rainbow, its beams bent and manipulated into something that stuns. There are people who are not used to that kind of light, who see brightness as something foreign and strange. There are others who would rather the light not enter their life at all, afraid of what it might reveal. Then, there are those who invite the light in – who, despite themselves and whatever fears they may harbor, are bursting at the seams with it – and the inevitable glow that follows testifies to the strength of their character.

“Risk taking is a part of life,” actress Halston Sage says, her words as incandescent as she is. “If you never take risks, you will never know what you are capable of doing. I am a big believer in making choices in life that are true to your values and your heart. If you know that the risk you are taking is for a cause that is true to what you believe in, then even if you fail, you will not have any regrets – you can only learn from the experience.”

Halston wears PRADA coat, cardigan, and skirt.

She invites that light in with the kind of unfathomable and admirable optimism that comes with being young, talented, and beautiful in Hollywood. So far, it seems to work for her. You might recognize her from films like Paper Towns (2015), You Get Me (2017), and Before I Fall (2017), or from FOX’s upcoming series The Orville, which premieres this September. She beams in each. Even in scenes that aren’t necessarily the happiest, sparks gleam through. Light refracts. Rainbows materialize. 

Halston wears PRADA dress and shoes.

“One tendency I’ve noticed in the past has been the stereotyping of female roles,” Sage says, “but I really feel like we are moving into a time of strong female characters. What I loved so much about my character Alara is the fact that she is not only the youngest crew member of The Orville, but she also happens to be the strongest. She is the Chief of Security for an entire spaceship despite her size and gender and I am so grateful to Seth [MacFarlane] for that.”

In a world seemingly eclipsed by manmade darkness, Sage’s ardor is refreshing. Some people are just made of light.

Written by Chelsey Sanchez   
Photographed by Carlos Serrao   
Styled by Mui-Hai Chu featuring Prada fall/winter 2017

Issue 155

The Aftershock Issue: New America

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