ZEGNA | Summer 2025 Collection, 'US, IN THE OASI OF LINEN'

Individuality composes that greater collective

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Audrey Weisburd

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Summer is built upon the soft, textured, timelessness of linen. Identity is built upon distinctive style, self-expression, and individuality. Society is built upon individuals, small pieces of a larger picture–the natural order of things. Envisioned by ZEGNA, emerged an experience that embraced these principles. 

ZEGNA, a leading luxury menswear brand, is defined by impeccable craftsmanship, tradition merged with innovation, sustainability, and harmony with the natural world. In an empty industrial building, a place entirely void of nature, linen plants made of metal blades fill the floor, walls, and runway. The intersections of creation, made by nature or made by man, create an alluring backdrop for the collection. 

In the sum of opposing parts–past and future, nature and industrialism–a celebration of the self is born. Plurality itself is a sum of differences, even when the greater whole appears identical. The Oasi Lino collection is composed of lightweight, sustainable linens that cultivate versatile silhouettes. Breathable, dynamic, and pure, the body can move freely and easily be felt. 

The “Il Conte” jacket is presented in outerwear and leatherwear, jackets and sleeveless. There are loose and airy trousers holding a range of strategically placed pockets. Tailored T-shirts, linen knits, mesh and printed polos paired with shorts represent the ideal garments for a hotter day. The show presents only one shoe, the “Mocassin,” a new loafer that exudes the Italian energy. And after the fashion show, there was a celebratory dinner among the golden light.

“Now that our reformed vocabulary has been established,” Alessandro Sartori says, “it is the moment to focus on how items are or can be used, on the singular ways they mold to individual personalities. Linen is a wonderful medium in this sense: Oasi Lino is not only traceable and true to our commitment to sustainability, but it is also as malleable and sensual as the idea of summer dressing we are prompting. There is something quintessentially Italian to this collection, in the gentry world the shapes suggest and the insouciant manner they are worn by men who play buoyantly with their own appearance.”

Alessandro Sartori, ZEGNA Artistic Director

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