Women’s History Museum | Autumn Winter 2024 Collection

An undiscovered side of New York City: Enfer

Written by

Nick Hsu

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After a four-year hiatus, Women’s History Museum returned to the fashion stage with its Autumn/Winter 2024 collection on February 8, unveiling "Enfer" – a deep dive into the unseen, unspoken narratives beneath the glitzy veneer of New York City. The collection, "Enfer," captures the city's dual nature as both a dazzling metropolis and a ruthless cage, painting a vivid tableau of urban life's brutal beauty. Through an exploration of femininity, the collection addresses the commodification and exploitation of women, drawing stark comparisons to the treatment of farm animals, with a particular focus on cows and horses, to underscore themes of sexuality and utility.

Adorned in a palette of stark black, white, and khaki, "Enfer" mirrors the complex tapestry of New York's history and the relentless drive of its inhabitants, caught in an eternal quest for fulfillment. This relentless pursuit is reflected in the collection's underlying narrative of resilience in the face of hardship. Designers Mattie Barringer and Amanda McGowan masterfully blend the raw, instinctual aspects of animalistic defense with the inherent vulnerabilities of human nature, presenting a collection that captures the paradoxical charm and chaos of New York.

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