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Within the ideals of comfort comes the simple joys of mind and spirit. It is something so delicate and hopeful in existence, a metaphysical experience we all aspire for. However, even in the abstraction of comfort, we chase for what is real and present– a translation of that simple comfort onto what we can see and feel. When husband and wife Huw Collins and Molly Shaheen first imagined WHEAT, they envisioned it with that same rooted simplicity– a representation of tradition adorning the intricately woven fabrics that frame their new line. There is an innate timeless spirit in what they do, one that honors the everyday modern traveler. For the pair, comfort doesn't just have to be a momentary experience, it can transcend and last.

As they continue to step beyond everyday fashion, they indulge in the wanderlust of the unique and refined. WHEAT is more than just a reflection of today, but a musing of the not-so-distant past and ever-evolving future. Moving from the Four Seasons and Faraway Hotel in Nantucket to the Ritz Carlton Maui and Martha’s Vineyard, WHEAT continues to prioritize comfort all over. With locations spanning various luxurious destinations, including Lanai, Anguilla, and Los Angeles, the brand proceeds to put the love of travel and its following consumers first. As both Collins and Shaheen sat to speak with FLAUNT, it was clear that the WHEAT of today not only welcomes the familiar but also looks forward to the great unknown.

WHEAT embodies finding wonder in unlikely places and creating comfort for the everyday modern traveler as they begin their next journey. Where do you find inspiration and how has your journey influenced how you create?

Inspiration is all around when you’re looking for it, and at WHEAT we look for it at all times. We are constantly inspired by the incredible destinations where WHEAT lives, and some of the places we see WHEAT growing in future – we are always trying to find wonder in the small details of a particular place. The best example of this, from our personal journey perspective, was the inspiration behind naming the company WHEAT. It happened whilst we were in Gabrielle Chanel’s storied apartment located above her original Parisian store on Rue Cambon (No 31, to be precise) and it was completely inspired by the story of Gabrielle Chanel, her ascent from an orphanage in the French countryside to a globally recognized fashion icon, and how the weaving of her own life experiences had become enmeshed in her design process as a result. A lot of the story that stemmed from that day in Chanel’s apartment; a focus on quiet luxury, ensuring practicality underpins everything, incorporating parts of our own journey into our process, and a lot of our symbology, has beautifully become part of WHEAT’s story.

Every great story has a number of chapters, so we love when someone falls in love with the fabric, to then feeling great in the overall fit, feeling effortlessly confident and comfortable, and then also knowing that our pieces are easy to care for, and a trusty companion for much of how you live your life. Everything we create is driven by a specific need or purpose for our guest, as we are always seeking to blend the wants and needs of modern travel with the innate desire to still evoke some of the comforts of home within a faraway adventure. Both as founders of the business, and as avid travelers, our journey has really led us to firmly believe that curiosity is one of the most important things in keeping inspiration alive. When you remain curious, you find that your eyes are open to magical little intricacies, and that’s really where you find the heart of anything. Modern travel has transformed in so many ways; it used to be a much more formal act. Now as travel has become a lot more accessible, frequent, and a bit more casual, our clothing line takes inspiration from that traditional sentiment while fitting the mold of what the modern traveler needs – ultra luxurious fabrics that carry you from place to place in refined, comfortable style.

Everything we do carries a story, something inspired by meaning. How do you want your pieces to resonate with your audience and what story do you hope it’ll carry with them?

The first thing that jumps out to everyone when they interact with the collection, is the incredible softness of the fabrication, but beyond that initial moment there is a lot of storytelling that lies behind each item. We have a detailed thought process that goes into the designing, detailing, and naming of each piece, and that’s where our attention to detail really collides with the bigger WHEAT story. Another impactful and really important part of WHEAT is that everything we do is made in the USA, from the knitting of the fabric to the final production and everything in between. Knowing that the pieces we create are ethically and sustainably made, in addition to allowing us the utmost level of oversight throughout the entire process, is an incredibly important tenet of our business, and one that we know will continue to resonate with our guest.

What does comfort mean to you? 

Comfort at WHEAT is King. So, to us it means peace of mind, consistency, reliability, a WHEAT sweatsuit, and a deep sense of confidence.

How has WHEAT stepped beyond the boundaries of modern fashion? In what ways have you explored timelessness in your collections?

While we deeply appreciate modern fashion, the core of WHEAT is really rooted in tradition, and perfecting the simple things in life. Clean lines, neutral color pallets, and timeless fits, these are the hallmarks of our collection. We want our guests to invest in WHEAT and have complete belief that each piece will sustain its quality while keeping them comfortable. Quiet luxury that services the needs of the modern traveler is plainly put, what we do at WHEAT.

As we look back at what we were able to accomplish, we also look forward to what will soon come next. What is WHEAT is looking forward to next?

There is always so much to look forward to with WHEAT, it keeps us on our toes! We have been lucky enough to have made consistent progress in many different areas of our business, including our continued growth in the hospitality market. We have some upcoming openings this year that we are really excited about, including Chestnut Hill just outside of Boston, and others that we can’t quite discuss yet. We are focusing a lot on developing some exciting creative approaches to how we tell our story and represent the brand as it continues onward in an increasingly global manner. We are looking forward to continuing to develop and refine our approach to our destinations, our collection, advanced storytelling, and all of the things that make WHEAT, WHEAT.

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