Versace | Fashionably Late with the 2022 Holiday Campaign

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Nate Rynaski

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Theatric, opulent, and artistic—Versace launches its 2022 holiday campaign. Lily McMenamy goes out for a night at the opera, and along the way, she encounters models Kit Butler, Sora Choi, and Mila van Eeten, and drag performer Gottmik.

Shop gift-ready knitwear featuring Medusa or tailored separates featuring the multi-logo Versace Allover motif and styles finished in crystal, emulating the holiday season. The dramatic motif harmonizes with the Greca Goddess bags and Odissea sneakers, objects of affection for a loved one this holiday season.

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Versace, Lily McMenamy, Kit Butler, Sora Choi, Mila van Eeten, Gottmik, Versace Holiday 2022