Tiffany & Co. | Introducing Their Newest Collection: Tiffany Forge

A Reimagined Take on Open-Link Jewelry

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Mariam Bagdady

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There is a rich, cardinal history in the forging of jewelry. From the fashioning of its various designs to the way it creates a certain individuality in every person who sports the decal, jewelry carries a uniqueness in its fabrication that goes beyond what the naked eye can see. Apart from the silver decals' role in fashion, they celebrate character, memorialize the many twists and turns of life, curate meaning, and embolden their wearer. Jewelry carries fine detailing – a craftsmanship that is both elegant and innovative, and Tiffany & Co.’s newest collection, Tiffany Forge, explores these definitions and acknowledges the deeply ingrained traditions imbued in its silver.

The collection features a series of narrow and wide chain necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings – each hallmarking iterations of their open-link motif emboldened in either polished or blackened sterling silver. The metal of the ornament is sensibly crafted, its design showcasing links that are open and unrestricted– exemplifying life's many honest challenges. Tiffany Forge reimagines the luxury brand’s signature looks, diving deep into the Tiffany Archives and curating pieces handcrafted by over 3000 skilled artisans. The debut of Tiffany Forge is more than just the launching of accessories, rather, it's a celebration of the rich history these ornaments will carry for generations and an honoring of the multiple expressions its designs will have ingrained in its partaker.

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