Tiffany & Co. | Celebrating the Debut of Tiffany Titan Collection by Pharrell Williams

On the occasion, Pharrell, Rosé, Blake Lively, Ayo Edebiri, and More Illuminated New York City

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Weeks after the surprising presence of Pharrell Williams and BLACKPINK’s Rosé at Tokyo’s NODE Gallery to celebrate Tiffany & Co. 's exhibition Tiffany Wonder, the brand’s new launch in collaboration with Pharrell, Tiffany Titan, again amazes the public last night. Among those in attendance were Rosé, Blake Lively, and A$AP Rocky, who lit up New York City with their star power at Tiffany’s iconic Fifth Avenue flagship, The Landmark. Tiffany Titan represents a bold departure from the brand’s traditional sentiment, infusing a distinct punk spirit into the luxury accessory scene. The collection adeptly bridges the worlds of luxury, Ancient Greek mythology, and rebellion.

Pharrell, who grew up in Atlantis, a neighborhood in Virginia Beach, has long been fascinated by the interplay of stories involving water, the lost utopian civilization described in Plato’s works, and Poseidon. This fascination is evident in the collection's design, which features trident structures across an array of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, all characterized by sharp, spear-like spikes. Rather than a direct nod to Poseidon, the Tiffany Titan collection pays homage to Pharrell’s birthplace.

Tiffany Titan by Pharrell Williams is available this May exclusively on Tiffany.com on Tiffany.com in the US and at The Landmark in New York City, with a global rollout at Tiffany & Co. stores and online scheduled for June.

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