Tierra Whack | Celebrating the Artist's Debut Album, World Wide Whack

Celebrating new beginnings

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I was probably eighteen when I first heard Tierra Whack’s experimental album titled Whack World. Composed of 15 one-minute tracks, it was an album that introduced audiences to Whack’s idiosyncratic vision, one accented by soft jazzy keys and felted puppetry in primary colors. 

If Whack World, laid the foundational material for the artist, then later experimental short-form albums in 2021, titled Rap?’ ‘Pop?and RnB?helped to solidify the scaffolding. The artist regards this latest venture as her debut album, the result of five years of learning and experimentation. Tierra tells us, “To me, it’s not a restart, I am simply updating the world with where I’ve been and what’s been going on in my world. Restarting is important, but I’m not restarting, this is just the beginning.” 

In Tierra’s world, she’s been able to create a unique aesthetic and musical language outside of the genre laid bounds of Rap, Pop and RNB. Her visuals are colorful and bold, bordering on Sesame-Street-esque-muppetry, developed in part by conceptual artist Alex Da Corte. Coming together for the first time on Tierra’s 2020 single “Dora,” Corte’s campy, neon-hued riffs on contemporary culture complimented her surreal style. “Me and Alex have been building our relationship for a while now,” she shares. “During the pandemic, we were both looking for that creative spark to get our juices going and decided to work on something together. We ultimately came up with the video for Dora, which was fun and easy to make happen with Alex.” 

Tierra Whack’s latest venture is a testament to the hard work that has gone into creating Whack World, now WORLD WIDE! For the muppets and characters living in the artist’s universe (aptly named WHACKOS!) World Wide Whack, feels as if the initial characters introduced in the artist’s earlier tracks have grown up, skillfully serving intimate and brutally honest lyrics about mental health while maintaining a tongue-in-cheek falsetto. 

Held in a private venue above Union Square, Whack described the event as just “So much joy.” Guests danced the night away with DJ Kill Sing, and enjoyed cocktails created by LALO Tequila while catering trays of meatballs and bao buns provided by Aunts et Uncles floated above the crowd. 

World Wide Whack is now available on all streaming platforms.

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