Thom Browne | Football Game Collection

Let the games begin.

Written by

Jess Ferguson

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Thom Browne is known for his contemporary designs, but he got started at Notre Dame University, where he’s now an Artist in Residence and will explore how fashion and design intersect with daily life. Browne held the annual football game on October 26 ahead of the launch of the Thom Browne Football collection on November 10. The collection is truly for everyone—with styles for men, women, dogs, and children. The line radiates coziness and warmth for the fall and winter months, but with a polished, tailored finish, true to Thom Browne's signature style.

The game, which took place on the campus’s South Quad, was open for Notre Dame students to participate via open call video submissions, with different roles like ‘players,’ ‘cheerleaders,’ and ‘spectators.’ With the objective of togetherness and celebrating fashion and sport, Browne typically finds a blend of friends and family, models, dancers, photographers, and other creatives to participate in the game.

Photographed by Sinna Nasseri
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