THE FRANKIE SHOP x CROSBY STUDIOS | The Meeting Room In Hollywood

Gaëlle Drevet and Harry Nuriev wax poetics on the collaboration

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Nick Hsu

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Amidst the whirlwind of Milan Fashion Week, The Frankie Shop, in collaboration with Crosby Studios, has stirred a significant buzz in Los Angeles with the unveiling of "The Meeting Room" pop-up shop. This innovative installation, featuring the emblematic Demi Moore as the face of their 2024 campaign, is a tribute to the formidable women of today, transcending the traditional office paradigm.

Under the visionary guidance of Gaëlle Drevet, the French-native turned New Yorker and founder of The Frankie Shop, the brand's essence of femininity is celebrated—not through conformity, but by embracing one's unique self. In partnership with Crosby Studios and their Creative Director Harry Nuriev, known for their artful fusion of aesthetics and utility, the pop-up emerges as a captivating art installation, evoking a blend of cool modernity and industrial nostalgia. Amid the backdrop of office paraphernalia and architectural fragments, the space narrates the story of transition and self-acceptance. As echoed by Demi Moore's empowering words on embracing one's entirety, the actor shares, “Any strength and power I may have comes from embracing all parts of myself, especially the parts I have held judgment against.”

See here, Gaëlle Drevet and Harry Nuriev wax poetics on the collaboration.

How did the collaboration come to be? How does Crosby Studios and The Frankie Shop’s ethos align?

Harry: It was very natural and organic collaboration. As we both have the same beliefs as attraction on a personal level.

Gaëlle: We both share a belief that fashion extends far beyond just clothing; it's a lifestyle, a culture, an environment in which we immerse ourselves. I have always been a fan of Harry's work, and it was abundantly clear that his artistic vision aligned with ours—it's bold, boundary-pushing, and modern. So, the stars aligned naturally, and the collaboration took shape. With Harry's reputation for innovation and our mutual desire to push the conventional fashion presentations, it was the perfect match. Together, we set out to redefine the fashion experience, and bring a touch of freshness and intrigue that goes beyond the ordinary.

Your art pursuits span many forms– from architecture, furniture, to fashion– how do these modes of expression intersect for you?

Harry: My goal has always been to combine art, fashion, and design with everything I do. I have been breaking the barriers between these fields for the past 10 years which drives me creativity.  

Gaëlle: Whether you are designing a space, a piece of furniture of curating a collection, you try to make things work together, styling an outfit is very much the same thing as styling a room or an interior, it’s all about balance, texture and coherence. These various art forms allow us the opportunity to step out of the ordinary.

Harry, you are based in New York and Paris. And Gaëlle, you grew up in Saint-Etienne and spent time living in New York. How have your French-New York backgrounds influenced both of your art?

Harry: They are very different and almost conflicting locations creativity and energy wise. It’s actually one of the driving sources for my work.  

Gaëlle: Growing up in France, it comes naturally to coordinate colors together and to match your looks. The French never want to look like they have tried too hard and will always look put together even if they are trying not to, we can’t help it. As for NY you have the freedom to let yourself be, people don’t’ judge you as much hence why Frankie is a mix of allure and comfort, we never compromise one or the other, both are essential.

The pop-up was scheduled specifically to coincide with the Frieze Art Fair. How are you going to integrate this Los Angeles-based event celebrating the cultural contributions of LA artists into the Pop-up?

Harry: I just want to bring my creative attitude to LA as it’s a very happy place for me. I have always admired the culture here and I’m happy to be able to have a personal dialogue with the city.

Gaëlle: I find it really interesting to partner with creative people in other fields and working with Crosby Studios has also allowed us to offer something different than a regular pop up. We have called this an installation for a reason and Crosby Studio brought us the interior design aspect we needed to make this location relevant during Frieze. The Art fair fosters a vibrant and creative atmosphere, drawing artists, designers, and cultural influencers which we love to dress and perfectly complements our vision.

What do you hope people take home with them?

Gaëlle: We hope with this installation will offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy a new retail experience. We want our visitors to appreciate how the aesthetic of one environment can change the way you see clothing and can make fashion even more inspiring.

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