Stella McCartney + Sorayama | The newest unisex capsule collection with artist Hajime Sorayama

Let’s take care of ourselves and keep creating work

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Stella McCartney has teamed up with acclaimed Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama for an exclusive unisex capsule collection set to launch in Spring/Summer 2024. This collaboration, named Stella McCartney + Sorayama, marks their second creative endeavor together, leveraging their mutual interests of "desire, design, and technology." Through this fusion of fashion and art, the duo aims to convey messages surrounding sustainability and a compelling sensuality tailored for the upcoming generation. And speaking of new generation, the campaign fronted by the rising Iris Law to encapsulates a blend of conscious fashion intertwined with futuristic chromatics.

Within the Stella McCartney + Sorayama capsule, a diverse array of Sorayama's works takes center stage, encompassing silver strawberries, 'Platinum Dream' motifs, and the iconic Sexy Robots—a collection pulsating with the dynamic essence of their enduring relationship, woven through years of companionship, collecting endeavors, and collaborative creativity. The collection features a selection of artworks curated by Sorayama, including a brand-new creation—a rendition of the Vitruvian Woman infused with Stella's visage, crafted in Sorayama's distinctive 'superrealism' style.

On the collaboration, Stella McCartney shares, “I came across Sorayama’s work in the late 90s when I was living in Paris and was absolutely mesmerised by its cheeky sensuality and airbrushed quality. I met with him when I was next in Japan; we have been friends and I have been collecting his art ever since. He makes me laugh in a naughty way, and I hope this capsule communicates the playfulness and mutual admiration we have between us.”

"I don’t know much about fashion but I do know Stella has put her heart and soul into the brand and built it with extraordinary passion and determination. Let’s take care of ourselves and keep creating work. I love you ❤️!” says Hajime Sorayama.

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Stella McCartney + Sorayama, Hajime Sorayama