Songzio SS25 | Bright Star Collection

That light in the night sky? Follow it.

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Camryn Spratt

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A star is born at 25 Spring-summer Paris Men’s Fashion Week with Songzio’s first co-ed collection. Titled ‘Bright Star’, the collection began from a series of watercolor portraits depicting youthful boys, unashamedly imaginative and curious. In a constellation of iconoclastic disorder, re-framing and layering, intricate patchwork and asymmetrical kinetics, the collection symbolizes the youthful hope that inspires one to reach for the stars.

The artwork of the collection, the ‘Bright Star’ tetraptych, features paintings depicting the North Star, also referred to as the constant star. Shining as a guiding light in the night sky, its faithful fixedness serving as a pole of guidance and inspiration towards the future. The collection's central pieces find similar stillness in the sculptural beauty of hand-cut forms. Unorthodox pieces linked and hung together portray that elegant fluidity of child-like wonder in motion.

In line with Songzio's inclination toward dualism, the collection applies a contrasting use of fabrics to create statuesque silhouettes with a sense of graceful motion. Converging the amorous and the functional, the brand remains unique in combining technical skill and fluid ambidexterity both in stillness and in motion.

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