Scuffers x Eme Studios| The collaboration that conquers

Opening private showroom in West Hollywood

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Camryn Spratt

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Photographed by Cameron Driskill

You can take the brand out of Spain but you can’t stop it from conquering the streets of Los Angeles after you do. Scuffers and Eme Studios have opened a private showroom in West Hollywood, serving as a common gathering place for music, film, art and many a star. The two Spanish brands have been stirring up excitement since their touchdown in the City of Angels and while the showroom is exclusive, the brands are still generating buzz, this moment like the planting of the proverbial flag in LA's fashion landscape.

Before making waves in Los Angeles, both brands had already established themselves on the other side of the ocean (and then some), on the shores of Europe’s streetwear scene. Eme Studios has garnered attention for its innovative approach to storytelling through fashion. Meanwhile, Scuffers, infused with the timeless allure of the Mediterranean, epitomizes the imperturbable sophistication of Ibiza summers year-round. Sunshine, forever-summer and everything whatever, safe to say LA’s fashion scene accepts with open arms. With their unique blend of European poise and streetwise edge, Scuffers and Eme Studios are on a mission to set new trends and inspire a new generation of style conscious individuals on both sides of the Atlantic.

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