SALT. Optics | Exploring Their Latest Optical Drop

A Dive Into The Brand's Take on Fall Eyewear

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Mariam Bagdady

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Celebrating the timelessness of eyewear and the fine detailing that goes into its craft, SALT. Optics honors the subtle artistry of frames in their latest collection. Featuring a series of frames with four new shapes and colors, the collection serves as their debut of fall fashion in the means of chic lenses. The eyewear carries an emboldened spirit – one that surpasses social trends and expresses a special sense of character for its wearer. It’s saturated in originality, permeates a unique individuality through its vibrantly colored frames, and holds an almost vintage feel that speaks volumes for the brand’s strive toward elegance and innovation.

SALT. Optics’ latest drop is handcrafted in Japan and delved with the highest quality 8mm Japanese acetate– the time and dedication put into each design prove to be vital. The collection serves eyewear that is both functional in its practice and transcendental in its role in fashion – a state-of-the-art series of designs that are sure to provide its wearer with memories beyond reality.

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