Saint Laurent | Women's Winter 2024 Collection

Finding Intimacy Within Fabric

Written by

Mariam Bagdady

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With the means of transcending the contemporary and into the phantasmic beyond, Saint Laurent Winter 2024 welcomes fashion not rendered by basic social construct. The collection is curated by innovative creative Anthony Vaccarello and revels in the alluring nature of invisible clothing. Becoming a spectral glance into the fashion of what once was, this new line embodies feminine confidence unbound by the chains of modern heteronormativity. There is agency in every fabric that caresses its wearer, ultimately melding timeless classics with an adventurous spirit.

Each look evokes an ephemeral lightness, resembling the very nature that imbued Marilyn Monroe’s indelible ‘naked’ gown of the 1960s. Inspired by this same creativity, pieces are made from an almost powdery palette and fabricated with a fluidity that feeds into this illusion of skin. Featuring coats made of countless marabou feathers and suits that seem to liquefy onto the body, the designs are intimate and its graphics are ambivalent. Saint Laurent creates a brazen realm with this new line, finding wonder in all the fabrics entwined.

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