PUMA x Noah | Championing Off-Duty Sportsman

Introducing their latest athletic collaboration

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Mariam Bagdady

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There is an unbound presence in American Sportswear, something both youthful and effortless in the way it moves; as if it carries a message of vitality in every wearer. In the in-gear and out-of-gear aesthetic comes a kind of ambition that continues to bring the game to life, and the latest PUMA x Noah collection understands this notion, embracing a “Do It For Yourself” ethos embedded in their wide range of apparel. 

Teaming up for their fourth collaboration, PUMA x Noah are pushing past conventional attire, steeping in nostalgic sports aesthetics that come in stride with the off-duty athlete look. Ranging from footwear to clothing and accessories, the collection is highlighted by seamless archival prints and cotton twill. Featuring a nylon-shell Coach jacket with a sherpa-liner, graphic tees crafted with premium cotton, high-top Wrestling boots with leather overlays, and a Merino Wool Cycle Cap and Duffle Bag.

The collection is rendered with neutral whites and greys and extends on the inner spirit of off-duty sportsmanship. PUMA x Noah will be available exclusively on the Noah website and stores starting on February 15, with availability at exclusive retailers starting on February 17. 

Photographed by Collier Schorr

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