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Eloisa de Farias

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Prada Frames returns to Milan this year with a new theme, Materials in Flux. The symposium explores the idea of low-impact production and reflects on the brand's dedication to using recycled materials. This year's event was based on research by British Anthropologist Tim Ingold who investigates the concept of waste and how materials interact with ecosystems. 

Materials in Flux builds upon the successful Prada Frames 2022 symposium held in the M+ museum in Hong Kong. Last year's theme was titled On Forest, examining the relationship between the environment and design. The event was curated by Formafantasma. 

The 2023 symposium was held on April 17-19 with six sessions spread out over three days. Materials in Flux was held in the Teatro Filodrammatici, one of the oldest theaters in Milan. The Art Nouveau style of the building complimented the theme of innovative recycling. Prada Frames 2023 highlighted a variety of professionals and scholars including Tim Ingold, Elizabeth Povinelli, Beatriz Colomina, Mark Wigley, Sophie Chao, Veena Sahajwalla and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Some of the ideas the session explored include e-waste geography, repurposing practices, and the relationship between matter and ecosystems. Materials in Flux is a reflection of Prada’s commitment to ethical creativity. 

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