Philosophies, Religions, Morals, So Different From One Latitude to Another

They Communed for a Bit of 25th Anniversary Bread Breaking, Then Disappeared Into the Moonlit Night (With Dispatch’s from Balzac’s La Peau de chagrin, of course)

Written by

Photographed by

Costanza Canali

Styled by

Gregor Barratt

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DOM PÉRIGNON Rosé Vintage 2009 and BACCARAT Masséna Glass.

Today, perhaps I should be in possession of all the reasonings, prevarications, philosophical, philanthropic, and political arguments that would dispense me from committing what my lawyer called a folly.

HENNESSY Paradis and Paradis Tulip Glass, BACCARAT Masséna Glass and Harmonie Tumbler, stylist’s own pearl necklace and TIFFANY & CO. Forge bracelet. 

What I resolved to do was natural, if a little crazy; in it lay something impossible, which gave me strength. It was a kind of wager that I made with myself where I was both the gambler and the stakes.

BACCARAT Masséna Glass, Grand Bourgogne Tasting Glass, and Harmonie Tumbler and HENNESSY Paradis Tulip Glass.

Spain has its bullfights and Rome its gladiators, but Paris is proud of its Palais Royal, whose frenetic roulettes afford spectators the pleasure of watching blood flow freely without the risk of them slithering around in it.

DOM PÉRIGNON Rosé Vintage 2009, BACCARAT Masséna Glass, HENNESSY Paradis Tulip Glass, L’OBJET plate, GREGOR BARRATT candleholders, LALIQUE Feuilles Pepper & Salt Grinder, KAVIARI caviar, LADURÉE macarons, TIFFANY & CO. Forge Necklaces, and AKRAM rings. 

But what becomes of virtue during those delightful journeys where imagination overcomes all obstacles?

LALIQUE Bacchantes Champagne Cooler, DOM PÉRIGNON Rosé Vintage 2009, BACCARAT Harmonie Tumbler, HENNESSY Paradis Tulip Glass, and TRUDON candle. 

They all want to find things in their lovers that satisfy their vanity. It is themselves they love in us!

BACCARAT Masséna Glass and TIFFANY & CO. Forge Necklace. 

When we reached the boulevards, the rain stopped and the sky cleared again. Life bloomed on this quiet, tranquil face.

Photographed by Costanza Canali 

Production Design by Gregor Barratt

Producers: Octave Marsal and César Domboy

Production Assistants: Akram Souwed and Sacha Kirnidis

Model: Tess Barthélemy

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Flaunt Magazine, Issue 190, The 25th Anniversary Issue, Under The Silver Moon, Costanza Canali, Gregor Barratt, Hennessy, Baccarat, Tiffany & Co., Dom Pérignon, Lalique, Akram, L'Objet, Kaviari, Ladurée