Philipp Plein | Celebrates “PLEINDOGG” Collaboration with Snoop Dogg

Available exclusively in Philipp Plein stores and on plein.com

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Tamara Jiji

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Longtime friends and collaborators, Snoop Dogg and Philipp Plein joined forces in the making of an exclusive shoe called the “#PLEINDOGG." The two toasted to the release of the shoe, at an intimate celebration held at the designer’s guesthouse. 

In addition to a shared love for all-things fashion, innovation, and originality, the two also share an appreciation for collaboration for the sake of friendship, rather than the sake of business. “It's good when people really like what you’re doing and believe in what you’re doing, and not just doing it just because of a business idea. I think that's more authentic.  And authenticity is very important nowadays.” Plein shares. 

Snoop Dogg himself is known for his wide array of interests, and his tendency to thrust himself into every field and industry conceivable—cereal, wine, apps, and fashion to name a few—the latter serving as his motive to venture into this collaboration with Plein. When asked of the importance of fashion, Snoop aptly says, “The way you look is the way you feel, you know? You look good, you play good. Fashion has a lot to do with the way you feel about yourself—your self-esteem, your mental stability, all of the above. If you look good, you feel good.”

The sneakers, which are available in two different colorways, can only be purchased in Philipp Plein Monoband stores and on plein.com.

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