NUWO | Brent Faiyaz and Mark Peaced Stay True for their Debut Collection Pop-Up

"Not Unless We Own"

Written by

Bree Castillo

Photographed by

Delila Rio

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NUWO, the brainchild of singer-songwriter Brent Faiyaz and long-time LA Creative Director, Mark Peaced, hosted an LA pop-up to celebrate their debut collection. On Independence Day, now known to us all as NUWO Day, Faiyaz and Peaced opened the doors of Hubble Studio for a first look at their men's and women's streetwear that combines messages of self belief with nostalgic designs of 90s and 00s sentiments. The interactive space featured a house of mirrors to commemorate self reflection and the owning of one's thoughts and emotions.

As an independent artist, Faiyaz shares true of the brand's ethos, "Not Unless We Own." "NUWO represents our collective vision and dedication to artistic expression," shares Faiyaz. "We founded this brand to inspire others, and through our designs and messages, we hope to encourage a sense of ownership and self-belief." Faiyaz and Peaced both take an intrinsic approach with NUWO, valuing autonomy and individualism in a world that becomes blinded by outside influences or expectations.

Photographed by Delila Rio

Mark Peaced, the photographer turned Creative Director, continues to be moved by the lush landscapes of identity and experience. After cofounding NUWO in 2020, the brand is ready to emerge as what it was always meant to be–entirely its own.

See here, Mark Peaced speak on what he owns.

Noelle Valencia Mark Peaced

Can you expand on the name NUWO, or ‘Not Unless We Own?’ What does this reflect about the ethos of the brand?

“Not unless We Own” we speaking about ownership, owning your own style, individuality, all that good shit.

Can you speak on the creative connection and dynamic working with Faiyaz? How did your intentions align for this collection?

Brent & I have been creating since early 2017, I was the photographer. Shooting press, tours, album art, you name it. We wore different hats, so we learned a lot together. He’s an independent artist that really resonates in the brand. Ownership.

What went into creating the pop-up space in terms of production and conceptualization?

July 4th was a day Brent really had in mind early this year, but I didn’t start planning it until June, so I had a month to put a team together. I asked my friend and designer Noelle Valencia for help on mapping things out, then she introduced me to Irene Ashu (producer, creative dir.). Then I tapped in with my boy Miko La, Leslie Corpuz, Darren Xu , Michael (money). I have to give them all their flowers. They deserve it.

What did you hope attendees would take home with them experiencing the pop-up?

Brent loved the idea to make it feel fun, “wacky,“ and immersive, referencing the riddler's hideout in the movie Batman Forever. We wanted every space to have its own energy and experience, and I believe we accomplished that, everyone had a great time.

The collection is now available at notunlessweown.com.

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NUWO, Brent Faiyaz, Mark Peaced, Noelle Valencia, Delila Rio