NAHMIAS | The Spring/Summer 2025 Menswear Show

Delivering a 'Physical Education' in Sun-Soaked Memories

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Maddy Brown

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Doni Nahmias grew up in Summerland, California, where he had a childhood as impactful on his artistic vision as his hometown’s name is idyllic. There’s no better place than one of California’s countless beachside towns and cities to witness the blending of skate, basketball, surf and hip-hop that is so unique to the West Coast. From Summerland, Nahmias had the perfect vantage point with which to observe and soak in this distinctive mix of cultures. 

Days spent crashing through waves, playing basketball and shopping around for oversized t-shirts—only XXXL would do —directly influenced his distinctive personal fashion sense, the same style that would become synonymous with his high end mens clothing brand, NAHMIAS, later in life. From these schoolboy years in the Santa Barbara sun sprung ”physical education,” NAHMIAS’ spring/summer 2025 menswear line. The collection, which was presented on June 10 in Los Angeles, is the eclectic brainchild that references its creator's teenage memories and experiences.

Denim, made in Italy and treated with special techniques in Los Angeles, runs the show in the new collection. The line contains jeans as stained, destroyed and repaired as the vogue allows, as well as denim pieces with foil applications reminiscent of the oil spills that must’ve frequently cropped up off the shore of Nahmias’ hometown. NAHMIAS also expanded its knitwear offerings with the inclusion of several oversized yet sleekly designed sweaters. Bold red jerseys, grungy Canadian tuxedos and boxy blazers round off the collection. The eclectic mix of fabrics, patterns, and silhouettes is a showcase of the designer’s appreciation for both sports and fashion. 

The presentation of the line was accompanied by a musical performance from Machine Gun Kelly, who is certainly not the only male superstar to take notice of the young brand. Although it was only created in 2018, NAHMIAS has risen to be one of the most coveted brands in the glitzy world of the male fashion, music and sports elite. Justin Bieber’s wearing of the Miracle Trucker Hat on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke segment catapulted NAHMIAS to center stage in 2020. The brand followed the viral moment with an impressive international second act: several successful seasons on the Paris Men’s Calendar. But with the Los Angeles show, NAHMIAS has officially signaled that it’s back to its California roots.

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