MUNTHE | 2025 Resort Collection

Tones of Self-Enlightenment

Written by

Emma Raff

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“Finding time for oneself is imperative for personal growth and finding inspiration. Throughout history, artists have embarked on journeys to feed their creativity. The creative mind wanders to uncharted realms, birthing fresh ideas that chart new paths,” shared Naja Munthe, the creative director and founder of the Danish brand, MUNTHE

The designer’s 2025 Resort Collection is woven from this idea of self-realization, inspired by traveling artists and the liberty of creative expression. The carefully crafted color palette intends to reflect the natural landscape essential to personal enlightenment: the airy blues of the sky, cream-hued clouds, and the vibrant pink shades of spring flowers. The materials themselves are a dynamic blend of heavy denim, feathers, flowing silks, and flash sequins, reflecting MUNTHE’s timeless eye interspersed with subtle touches of refinement. 

The collection embodies a lifestyle akin to artistic exploration and freedom as well as the brand’s devotion to sustainable fashion. At least 50% of MUNTHE’s collections are created with responsible, organic materials. 

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