Moncler x Roc Nation | Introducing Their Latest Line In Collaboration With Jay-Z

Blending Streetwear With The Harmonies of Music

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Rhiyen Sharp

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Art comes in many forms– burgeoning itself in the world as a fluid canvas in which various mediums pool underneath its umbrella of creativity. Within that umbrella lies harmony and within harmony lies the collective combination of skills and crafts. Painting itself as the latest endeavor in this vast world of art, Moncler Genius welcomes the launch of its newest collection: Moncler x Roc Nation designed by the living icon Jay-Z.

The line serves as a palette of individual pieces, fashioned in a mixture of luminous colors including white, black, and bolts of the brightest orange, meant to layer and resonate in harmony amongst each other. Moncler x Roc Nation comes as a remix of New York City swagger, striking new chords in dollar-green puffers, bright orange tops, and piercing white ensembles. The feature collection builds upon each other in the most seamless of manners, forging a cohesive line that aligns in the same way record samples can mesh into a singular musical masterpiece. Moncler x Roc Nation is a combination of music, film, and fashion, and it exclusively launches in Moncler stores everywhere on January 24th.

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