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An Inventive Cultural Experience

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Virginia Woolf, Zora Neale Hurston, Tony Morrison. My eyes, my mind and my soul devoured the tethered pages of these renowned female authors throughout high school and university English’s classes. I never wished to exit the sagacious atmosphere these strong women had engulfed me into but as my English education waned so did my connection to female novelists. Miu Miu wants to change this hapless habit of leaving behind our love for literature in adulthood by hosting its inaugural Literary Club titled “Writing Life.”

On April 17 and 18th, “Writing Life” commenced at Circolo Filologico in Milan. Curated by renowned Italian researcher and writer Olga Campofreda, the events further explore Miu Miu’s devotion to education, alternative thinking and a passion for literature. Inspired by the strong history of literary salons and artist collective in Europe, this inventive literary club primarily focused on the work of Alba De Cespedes and Sibilla Aleramo. The two day event was centered on the ever present theme of female lives both now and throughout time. 

The first day of the two part series began with a reading of Alba De Cespedes’ work by actor and model Tina Kunakey. Pulitzer prize winner Jumpha Lahiri, Strega prize finalist Claudia Durastanti and award-winning filmmaker and writer Sheila Heti then held a discussion on the hardships and pleasures of being a woman while engaging in the creative world, tying their experiences to the text. The panel was moderated by renowned writer, curator and broadcaster Lou Stoppard who presented the gift of literary discourse so beautifully to attendees and left them with an unforeseen set of ideas to ponder. 

On April 18th, Bel Powley read from Sibilla Aleramo’s “A Woman,” widely considered the first feminist novel in Italy. The feminist literature gave way to a panel discussion with Campiello Opera Prima winner Viola Di Grado, Booker prize long-listed author Selby Wynn Schwartz and Xiaolu Guo, a Chinese-born British novelist, memoirist and film-maker moderated by author and presenter and journalist Zing Tsjeng. The conversation touched on family, motherhood and literature’s role in these complex lived experiences. In the afternoon, poetry and live music showcases were offered from Serena Braida, John Glacier and Arlo Parks. Their background visuals included work from Mathile Fernandez and Aziya  both the visual and performing arts Mathilde Fernandez and London born artist, musician and producer Aziya. The event was a burst of creativity and academia, a refreshing escape from the monotony of our everyday lives.  

A list of international guests attended the event, including Alessandra Airò, Zawe Ashton, Douglas Booth, Edoardo Conti, Poppy Delevingne, Andrea Faccio, Simone Farresin, Veronica Ferraro, Tina Kunakey, Amina Ladymya, Marta Losito, Korlan Madi, Ginevra Mavilla, Francesca Michielin, Olympia of Greece, amongst others. Both “Forbidden Notebook” and “A Woman” were gifted to all present, wrapped in special Miu Miu packaging.

The Miu Miu Literary Club is the most recent production in a series of cultural experiences, supported by Miu Miu, to promote the arts and rengage adult audiences in classic and contemporary literature. Their other cultural events include Women’s Tales, an initiative designed to facilitate female film directors, now in its 27th iteration, and collaborations with multi-disciplinary artists for collections and fashion show presentations. Miu Miu is undoubtedly offering an accessible and nuanced way to reconnect with our inner bookworm. Plagued by the chaos of adult life and online media, these cultural series will transport its audiences to the tethered pages of their school days. 

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