MCM x Crocs | Stepping Out With Lindsay Lohan

MCM drops Steps Out in Dubai with international it-girl Lindsay Lohan

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Annie Bush

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German luxury fashion house MCM has announced a new collaboration with internationally loved footwear brand Crocs: the two brands have introduced The Mega Crush Clog. The shoe, which exhibits exaggerated elevation, an electrolyzed mirror platform, and a detachable MCM signature mini-belt bag, arrives at the intersection of city-practicality and futuristic style.

The campaign, Step Out, features Lindsay Lohan at home in her city of Dubai. Incorporating the uncanny digital universe with the essence of urban style, Lindsay embodies the innovative spirit of the city and of the two brands themselves. Of the collaboration, she’s stated that the shoe’s combination of “style, versatility, and comfort” drew her to the partnership.

The campaign, which combines MCM’s Cognac Visetos Trunks together with the Croc’s Mega Crush itself, celebrates hybridity. While MCM asserts a classic luxury timbre to the collaboration, Crocs– a brand known for its pragmatic design and vigorous recent revival arc– demonstrates its capacity for versatility with the shoe: new colors, sleeker designs, and MCM-coded Jibbitz™ charms invigorate the classic Croc silhouette. 

With a campaign featuring a multi-hyphenate such as Lohan, and imagery that facilitates a visual conversation between the digital future and the urban past, the Step Out campaign marks a celebration of analog individuality in an interestingly digital realm.

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