MCM | A/W 2024 Collection

The German-based brand debuts "Munich to Mars"

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Julia Smith

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MCM Worldwide has always been a champion of bold, luxury travel. For nearly half a century, it’s been synonymous with the bright lights of fame and disco, accompanying the forefront of culture to the hottest new destinations. In planning this upcoming year of holiday, perhaps you’re finding next season’s travel options of Copenhagen and Bangkok to be a bit blasé for your taste–a bit too close to home even.

Allow MCM, “Munich to Mars,” take you to the imagined near future, leaving straight from the Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan. To accompany you on your trip, MCM has prepared traditional winter essentials and thoughtfully curated accessories for all of your extraterrestrial events, being sure to include futuristic travel kids and hands-free accessories that emphasize functionality without compromising on style. The collection also considers environmentally friendly alternatives inclusive of plant-based leather, marking a major step in the brand’s eco-conscious future.

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