Maurice Lacroix | Presenting the AIKON PVD

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Cassey Ayala

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From the realms of Saignelégier, Switzerland, Maurice Lacroix has been exhibiting watchmaking mastery for almost 50 years. And once again, he’s calling upon his flawless craftsmanship in his latest reveal of the AIKON PVD. Offered in two variants, both of the newest timepieces are embellished with an exterior of lustrous complexion and completed with a coating of PVD, cultivating a layer of enchantment. While one style is illustrated in a shadowed hue of blue and measures at 39mm in diameter, its counterpart finds a home in its 42mm case amongst a shade of subtle, yet deep gray.

Within the timepiece resides an automatic ML115 caliber placed effortlessly on an M-branded rubber band, an emulation of Maurice Lacroix’s endless reign and majesty made to lay delicately on your wrist. Although the two versions of the brand’s latest legacy of excellence embrace the way in which they contrast, one thing is certain: they both implement the essence of Swiss quality and distinction, promising a commitment to sensational innovation.

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