Louis Vuitton | The New Virtual Journey

The maison continues to embody the essence of innovation with new Discord presence

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Annie Bush

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There are no frontiers left to traverse. There is no horizon that has gone unseen, no land yet undetectable by errant atmospheric satellite, no wilderness inaccessible to those who have the means or the will to be there. Yet, that innate spirit of adventure, a vestige of humanity’s curious past, is still being fulfilled in the twenty-first century: perhaps not by the physical exploration of new terrain, but rather the iteration of new digital horizons to be both explored and tailored specifically to the architects who create them. Louis Vuitton, global Maison known for its adventurous, innovative ethos, is no stranger to the impulse of exploration– which is why it comes as no surprise that the brand has announced a presence on Discord, the video and text communication platform. 

Louis Vuitton’s presence on the platform reinforces the Maison’s legacy of travel while providing its followers with new and innovative ways of engaging with the brand. The Discord server will serve as a constant showcase of the Maison, and members of the community will be granted unique and immersive access to the creative processes behind the brand. Additionally, Louis Vuitton is also creating a private channel dedicated to the VIA community, a new step for its ongoing Web3 VIA journey. The channel will allow members to connect with the Maison, participate in the development of new ideas, and contribute to the unique experience. Louis Vuitton invites all interested parties to join the brand in its ongoing pursuit of unbroken frontiers via creation of new ones.

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