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Louis Vuitton debuts its revamped and reimagined Escale Watch– a celebratory re-release for the classic collection's tenth anniversary. Now, the Escale arrives at its next phase of sophistication and traditional Swiss craftsmanship. Inspired by collections of Gaston-Louis Vuitton, a grandson of the Maison’s founding family,  the new Escale landscape is characterized by a quartet of three-hand models: two refined rose gold models and two slightly more ornamental platinum models. All pay homage to Louis Vuitton’s historic charm within the fine watchmaking collection. 

As seen on other Escale models of the past decade, the anchor point of the collection is the watch’s lugs, resembling the time-honored trunks of the Maison with brass brackets and an angled form. These brass reinforcements creep their way into the artistry of the dial, which has been entirely reimagined to create a newer and stronger kinship for the Louis Vuitton heritage. Polished gold markers are hand-applied at each quarter to resemble the brand’s brass brackets. The design may be luxurious, but functionality does not wither with the expansion of crafted details. Even the tip of the second hand is shaped to gently follow the curvature of the dial, minimizing any possibility of apparent distortion. 

The efforts given to the watch’s precision are credited to the LFT023 that powers each version of the Escale. Its 50-hour power reserve is motorized with titanium rather than gold– a nice touch promising an energy-friendly solution, along with an attractive PVD color process that ties together the gold hour and minutes hands. A new dial stamp (seen on the rose gold models) delivers a discrete reference to the classic LV canvas. The process yields a finely-grained surface that transcends the subtle texture of canvas onto metal, expanding the possibilities of finishes and quality.  

Like any coveted Louis Vuitton item, the Escale comes with a beautiful calf leather strap with fine yellow stitching. Again, performance remains at the forefront of the creation process as the Nomade-inspired leather loses none of its comfort while gaining a beautiful patina over its lifetime. Each Escale has a serial number plate transparently engraved onto the watch's back. When worn, the engraving rests gently on the wearer’s wrist, creating a sensory link between the body and the artisanal craftsmanship unique to Louis Vuitton.   

The name Escale –synonymous with the art of travel– eclipses the Louis Vuitton philosophy that lies at the heart of the brand. With the Escale, Louis Vuitton wishes to help commemorate the wearer’s journey. Like every element that went into the redesigned Escale, travel invokes imagination and thoughtfulness that lingers– seemingly holding the ticket to understanding oneself better. From the octagonal crown to the satin-brushed case encompassing it, the Escale conceives intent that makes the difference.


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