Louis Vuitton | Men’s Spring-Summer 2025 Collection

The World is Yours

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“What will you do when the sun shines on you?” The question posed upon Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Creative Director Pharrell Williams upon his first arrival at the Maison was undoubtedly answered through the Men’s Spring-Summer 2025 Collection: “Le Monde Est À Vous”– “The World is Yours.” In a code requiring no decryption, the show portrays the house’s spirit of global mentality within a wider unifying narrative that connects humans under the warmth of a collective vision. Widening the lens to capture the Earth from a sort of solar perspective, the collection celebrates the idea of humans living under the same sun; diverse in nature but ultimately harmonizing in our creation. 

Williams focuses his inspiration on the nuances of skin tones, allowing the collection to demonstrate humans of all different backgrounds as part of the same creative ecosystem. The collection’s color pallet features the deepest black developed by the Louis Vuitton Studio Prêt-à-Porter Homme. It is illuminated in the tonal styling of garments resembling second skin, with woven materials posed as animal hides, and accessories developed with the tangibility of skin.

Silhouettes are embedded with the house’s mind-expanding spirit of the traveler. Elements of aviation take flight from cropped tailored jackets and bombers to flight suits to pilot caps to sophisticated sportswear interpretations serving the comfort-driven explorer. Pieces created in the image of football pay tribute to the world’s most unifying (and most loved) game. From a distance, silhouettes appear monotone, but once magnified they reveal the dexterity of Louis Vuitton with a sensorial impact. 

The collection also features an artistic exchange with Air Afrique, who directed the show’s cinematic prelude and concurred with logos and patterns. Known for supporting the arts of the African continent, Air Afrique continues to illuminate conversations and knowledge through multimedia formats and events. The collective collaborates on a tartan explored in bluish-green and brown nuances in ready-to-wear scarves, stoles, and bags. 

A new line of bag icons from the Maison’s heritage is debuted, entitled the Soft Leather Goods. Silhouettes are re-crafted with supple, highly luxurious leather and adorned with metal plate charms inspired by archival trunk tags. The illustrious Speedy P9 re-emerges in a series of tonal black adaptations. Keeping in line with the spirit of the collection, the bag also features faded fluo colors as if kissed by the sun. The LV Rider cowboy boots are rendered in the skin nuances and traveler of the collection, evolving in black, brown, or tan. The high-top LV Footprint Runner is informed by the archetypal motorcyclist’s shoe.  The LV Footprint Soccer is inspired by authentic football boots with cleat soles.

The collection’s sunglass line further draws the codes of aviation. The LV Passport is constructed with winged frames – some encrusted with strass – across mask, narrow and square silhouettes, while the LV Supermask is crafted in transparent polyurethane including a multicolor variation. The Millionaire 1.0 sunglasses make a return joined by the new Millionaire 4.0 debut with skin-toned frames and lenses and shiny Monogram panels embodied across various realms. 

As a Grammy-award-winning producer and musician, Williams’ musical prowess further added to the show’s grandeur and exploratory personality. Three original pieces were featured: “Triumphus Cosmos” by Pharrell Williams; “Birds Don’t Sing” by Clipse (feat. John Legend); and “Falling Up” by Adekunle Gold, Pharrell Williams and Niles Rodgers, all performed live by Voices of Fire choir and L’Orchestre du Pont Neuf.

This was a show wrapped with intense intricacy within seemingly simplistic elements. With metaphors of sunlight, travel, and harmonizing unity, the collection is both humbling in breath and dynamic in nature. All elements combined echo the Louis Vuitton spirit of freedom, with Pharell Williams as the guiding force of imagination and travel.

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