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Reaching Out a Hand to Nature

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While hiking through forests blanketed in morning mist or trekking in mountain streams and along rocky trails, one might wish they were garbed in Loro Piana’s newest collection, if not just for sheer style, then for its high functionality. 

The Italian luxury brand’s new collection uses fashion to simultaneously connect with and tame the elements. Aptly named Into The Wild, the capsule boasts a combination of technical performance, quality fabrics, and alluringly hued designs that allow consumers to more easily and fashionably move through the natural world.

The collection of both women’s and men’s wear—complete with accessories, of course—is a jack of all trades. As the name of the capsule suggests, these are clothes that are meant to be worn outdoors, with items in colors such as Ancient Sage, Brown Antelope and Periwinkle calling to mind scenes of nature. 

Hooded parkas, rainproof capes, jumpers, leggings and shorts are just a few of the items featured in the collection that showcase the versatile ways the pieces can interact with the elements. The layered looks allow the wearer to shed or add clothing to suit the needs of any situation. Despite the emphasis on connecting to the natural world, the collection wouldn’t look out of place in urban settings. 

Loro Piana has developed a reputation for using high quality—often technical—textiles in their pieces, a reputation that proved to be well-earned with the release of the newest collection. Silks and cashmeres, treated to resist the wear and tear of the elements, are showcased alongside one of the brand’s most impressive innovations: the Graphene, a membranous material that distributes body heat. The commitment to innovation in this capsule doesn’t stop at the materials that were used. The brand’s collaboration with fellow Italian outdoor apparel brand ROA resulted in a gender-neutral hiking boots that bear the hallmarks of Loro Piana’s excellency in design and production. 

Completing the collection is an array of gloves, socks, bucket hats, backpacks and sleeping bags—anything one could need for a romp through the natural world. The Into the Wild Capsule Collection is now available online and in selected Loro Piana boutiques. 

Photos courtesy of Loro Piana

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