Loro Piana | Fall Winter 2024 Men's Collection

Exploring the brand's past while charting the future

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Tayla Grainger

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Loro Piana’s Fall Winter 2024 collection invites us to explore the past century of the brand’s history and heritage as they celebrate their 100th anniversary. Their newest men’s collection traverses both classic and contemporary textures and silhouettes, honoring the past while still remaining grounded in the present moment. 

Here, formality and ease fuse to create garments that are both modern and timeless. The oversized silhouettes of unstructured blazers and roomy overshirts imbue traditional formalwear with the spirit of youthful effortlessness. Long, billowing coats are embodied with casual comfort. 

The collection as a whole draws upon the personal style and elegance epitomized by the brand’s founders, Sergio and Pier Luigi Loro Piana. Specific details such as upturned collars and closed lapels pay homage to Sergio, who stored his jackets in his wardrobe this way to maintain the softness of the fold. Cardo-shaped pins, meanwhile, reference the fiori di cardo, the thistle flower historically used by Loro Piana’ to raise and brush cashmere in the factory. Each and every detail takes the wearer on an expedition of Loro Piana’’s past while simultaneously inviting them to chart the brand’s future.

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