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The Italian brand introduces digital certification

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Brooke Metayer

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The intersection of luxury fashion and tech has been a lonely one thus far. Every season, designers participate in the complex balancing act of keeping up with the modern world and maintaining the brand’s sophisticated roots. But now, one can expect to find Maison Loro Piana at this fascinating convergence of disciplines. 

To celebrate the opening of a boutique in the California tech hub of Palo Alto, Loro Piana is implementing a digital certification service with Aura Blockchain Consortium. Described as a “blockchain solution for luxury brands,” the consortium was founded to provide a way for people to track and authenticate their purchases.

By scanning the QR code on the labels of garments made from The Gift of Kings® wool and sold in the new location, you can verify the authenticity and traceability of the item, and read its unique story, from the farm to the store. Customers can also register ownership of their item, which can be passed down from generation to generation after the transmission of the certificate of ownership. 

From the Spring/Summer 2023 Collection onwards, the digital certification process will be extended to new products made from The Gift of Kings® at all Loro Piana stores around the world.

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